Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sex, Work and Life Balance and the Happy Single

Sex, Work and Life Balance and the Happy Single

While none of us likes to admit we watch or follow celebrities attempts to achieve balance in work and life, we are all fascinated by their seemingly perfect lives. Jennifer Aniston’s latest interview with People Magazine is interesting because she states that she in happy without a significant other.

Here is the problem or at least question I have with that – in order to succeed at our peak, one of our work and life balance buckets is having a significant other. Why is this so important? Because as human beings we need meaningful sexual intimacy.

True balance in work and life includes sex. Having unfulfilled urges and desires weighs on us. This is not to say that Jennifer Aniston is not having sex – but that is not the sex we are talking about here. It is not the kind that makes you feel connected with someone in meaningful way and makes you feel special so you can go out and really succeed.

There is a reason that committed happy couples live longer and it is because having a healthy sex life drives us. Jennifer is finding her happiness in other ways because her financial bucket is overflowing. She is living in denial that the other bucket does not matter. I wish in her interview she acknowledged the fact that her relationship (sex) bucket needs work. Since this is a balance in work and life blog I would be remiss if I didn’t include sexual relationships in that.

I know I am going to get a lot of comments on this from those who are alone and believe they are happy, bring it on! I want to hear about your work and life balance issues.

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